Monday, March 12


Alabama: Socially and Educationally Behind the Times?


The missus just got back to Austin after spending the last two weeks in Birmingham, Alabama ("the 'Ham"!) for work. I know what you're thinking: "Alabama?! Good Lord. That probably makes Texas feel downright desirable!"

First off, you are an elitist bastard for thinking such a thing. Secondly, you are absolutely correct.

While Tania reports that the town had some very nice neighborhoods and parks, my opinion of the 'Ham is clouded by one of Tania's anecdotes from the trip. Tania was talking to one of the natives at the worksite. He was a 20-yr old white guy which, in Alabama, means he was married and had a child. (Just like Utah!) When he learned Tania was 30 (sorry, honey), the following exchange took place:

"Do you have any children?", he asked.

"Well, I have a 7 1/2 year old Chocolate Labrador."

The young man had a confused look on his face. "You had sex with a black man?", he asked.

Uhhh... WTF??! Tania was, how shall we say, taken back a bit by the young man's stupidity/racism/WTFness?

Exasperated, Tania explained, "It's a dog. A Chocolate Labrador dog."

Apparently, the young man was rather embarrassed and changed the subject at that point. But, honestly! WTF!?

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OMG! If that story is true, I love bama even more. I thought one resident's email address of "bloodhoundbama" was good enough, but that is awesome.
Dude...I know some serious white-trash nation types who say that they wouldn't go so far as to copulate with a black dog.
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