Tuesday, January 16


Snow Day

Greets, long-lost reader. Due to the overwhelming demand (from 2 people) I received over the break, I'm writing again. We'll see how long this lasts.

So, if I saw you over the break, you more than likely asked, "How's Texas?" I would usually sidestep the issue of Texas as a whole and offer responses including "Austin's great", "cheap Mexican food", "plenty of outdoor activities", and "it was 80 degrees two weeks ago." Man, I really hyped that 80 degree thing, too. Couldn't tell that to people fast enough. Sadly, that feels like a loooong time ago. Like, last year.

The cold front that caused havoc in Oklahoma and other plains states a few days ago also hit Texas, but the affected portions of Texas were mainly north of us. We had a crazy thunderstorm Friday night, but there was no ice storm in these parts. However, a "reinforcing cold front" arrived from the north yesterday. The result has been a combination of ice, snow, "wintry mix", and the paralysis of Austin. (Oh no, it's 30 degrees! Don't go outside or YOU WILL DIE!!!)

Apparently, it's the biggest ice storm in Austin since 1998. The newscasts ahead of and during the cold have been kinda hilarious, issuing endless warnings: "Beware of ice on roads, especially on bridges. Do not drive unless absolutely necessary. In fact, don't leave your house if you don't need to. And if you didn't already stock up on water, canned goods, and candles, well, there's a good chance you're gonna die." Newscasters are big on hyperbole here.

All of the schools are closed, including UT. (Shucks.) Most offices and businesses are closed as well. With an unexpected day off, Tania and I took a walk around the neighboorhood...

Hail/snow on the back porch:
and fire in the disco!

El Toro Verde es mucho frio:

Icicles on the back of our house:

Snow sticking to the bridge over Waller Creek, a block from our house:

More icicles in the neighborhood:

Central Park. A pseudo-park that's really just a trail around a water detention pond. Awesome!:

Picnic table near Central Market:

A lock encased in ice:

Toby's paws could handle the icy blades of glass for a while, but his paws eventually got a little raw. After the paws became raw, we mainly stuck to sidewalks. But at one point, Tania mistakenly led Toby down a path that offered no alternative to stepping on more sharp grass. Here, Tania atones for her sin:
he ain't heavy, he's my lab

Note the icicles hanging from Toby's belly:
i loathe my owners

The fountain at the Triangle, a forward-looking mixed use development a few blocks from our house:

Toby and a new friend:
i wanna piss on you


Welcome back, Roberto Blanco. The world has been without your insight for far, far too long. Toby and the penguin is next year's xmas card.
Yo, I think I am sticking with southpawtiger for my UT inside reprot, that fool posts like way more than White Rob. Although to be fair, White Rob did photodocument the snow on the bridge over Waller Creek, that shit was treacherous.
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