Wednesday, October 4


Bad Idea Jeans

Disclaimer: If you don’t want the plot of The Last Kiss ruined for you, do not read this post. (But, honestly, it’s not that great of a movie, so you may as well read this post.)

Zach Braff, the likable everyman from Scrubs and Garden State, has a new movie out called The Last Kiss. Based on the previews, I assumed this movie was going to be Garden State 2: Zach in another chicky relationship movie with a cool soundtrack. He even cast himself opposite another hot young brunette, with Rachel Bilson taking over for Natalie Portman. So, yeah, I’ll see that with Tania. Harmless little good guy Zach Braff acting all innocent and getting the girl in the end. This seems safe, right?

Well, it didn’t quite turn out that way. In the movie, 29-year old Zach is living with his similarly-aged girlfriend, played by a kinda hot Jacinda Barrett, who got her start on some unmemorable season of Real World. And while things are going very well for Zach in his personal life, he becomes tempted by a 20-year old college student, played by the aforementioned Rachel Bilson. Why he is tempted given his current happy situation, I don’t know. But, he ends up sleeping with Rachel, Jacinda gets justifiably pissed, and... well, let me just say this:

If you are a 30-ish guy living with your similarly-aged girlfriend while attending business school on a campus that happens to have a bunch of 20-year old girls running around in short shorts all the time because of the warm weather, do not see this movie with your girlfriend. It could be the single-worst idea you have this month.

But the soundtrack was nice.


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